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Playboater Shock Deck

Tabs Container


Our entry level neoprene deck features an additional knee-off strap for the intermediate paddler. The Shock Deck shares the Tuff-Tek neoprene of the Work Deck for durability and has PU Edge Reinforcement.


WAIST SIZES Unisex: - S (26-30" 60-70cm), M (30-34" 70-80cm), L (34-36" 80-90cm), XL (36-40" 90-100cm)

Keyhole: (K 70-85cm cockpits)

Bigdeck: (B 80-95 cockpits)

SuperBigdeck: (SU 90-105cm cockpits with extra Latex coating on inside RRP £69.99) (LL Remix XP10, Dagger Approach, Jackson Mega Rocker, Super Fun and Super Hero. ShockWave)