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Werner SUP Session

Tabs Container


The Session Whitewater Play SUP is based on the Carve design with our bomber whitewater toughness to handle rivers. 
Progressive rectangular shape, perfect for river play.
Bomber reliable whitewater shaft and blade.


Surface Area 100 sq in
Blade Length x Width 19 x 7.3 in
Weight for 78in
Straight Shaft Weight 780g/27.5oz
2pc Weight 872g/30.75oz
3pc Weight 936g/33.00oz

Recommended Lengths 64-90in
Available Lengths in 1 inch increments
Straight Shaft 64-90in
2pc Lengths 70-77.5in/74-81.5in/80-87.5in
3pc Lengths 70-77.5in/74-81.5in/80-87.5i