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WindPaddle Adventure Sail

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Our BEST SELLING sail intended for the serious sea-kayaker. This is the sail for expeditions on big water and will be pulling hard long after you are ready to head to shore. The “Adventure” will withstand any condition you throw at it. The sturdy and unbreakable perimeter batten maintains sail shape in high winds and allows for high sailing angles.

All WindPaddle sails launch and fly from the on-deck position. It can be set up for instant self-launching either before sailing or while out on the water so there's no need to return to shore to launch your sail!

Light weight design
Stiff "expedition-grade" perimeter batten
Sails (reaches) off-the-wind up to an 180 degree angle or more.

Target boat – Touring and Expedition boats 14’ – 18’
Target wind range – 5 – 30 knots (has seen 40+ knots!)
Target paddler – intermediate to expert
Off-wind sailing envelope - +180 degrees

Sail Data:
Deployed diameter - 42" (106.7 cm.)
Coiled/folded diameter - 15" (38.1 cm.)
Sail area - 9.62 sq. ft. (0.8937 sq. m²)
Weight - 13 oz. (0.37 kg.)