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Kokatat Service Request

During September and October 2023 we will be relocating and upgrading our service centre.
Unfortunately we will be unable to offer servicing during this period. 


System X is a fully trained and authorised Kokatat service provider.

We offer pressure testing, patching and gasket replacement.

Your suit will pick up pin holes during normal use. This can be from undergrowth, sharp rocks, fibreglass etc. A single pin hole if submerged can "wet out" a whole panel of the drysuit in a short time.
Our pressure test will reveal all pin holes and then it's a simple matter of repairing them.

The pressure test and patching costs £44.99 (£29.99 for Bibs/Pants/Jackets) and also covers any further warranty inspection plus shipping and duty to Kokatat US if required.
Please note we are unable to pressure test lightweight Tropos items, but we can offer gasket replacement and repair tears to the fabric.
Replacement Neck Gaskets are £34.99 and Wrists £17.99 each.

Repairs are usually turned around in 7-14 days depending on the amount of work required.

Please ensure suits are washed "Inside Out" before returning to System X!
Please remove and keep detachable hoods and braces and empty your pockets :-)
If you have an Idol or Radius we require both parts of the suit to do a pressure test!
Metal zips should always be stored open for the last few cm. Plastic zips should be stored closed.
Washing Instructions

If shipping from outside the UK please declare "Investigative Pressure Test £50 GBP" on the customs form to allow easy transit. Please only declare a total of £50, even for multiple suits.
Please note that customs may charge you tax and duty on the value of the repairs when we return your order. We usually ship with UPS or DPD.

We will contact you as soon as we receive your suit with a breakdown of charges and payment details.