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Expedition 2012 - Circumnavigation of Iceland

Thu, 24/01/2013 - 13:21 -- nick

Expedition 2012 - Circumnavigation of Iceland

A seakayak expedition to Iceland  by Paul de Haas and Marian Makelaar, paddling around the entire coast in two months. Start June 1st in Reykjavik they will paddle clockwise around the island.

"We want to make even more people enthousiastic [about sea kayaking] by using social media. People can enjoy our trip by following our daily video reports which will show them how to plan and paddle an expedition. We will give our followers practical tips about dealing with the conditions we meet, as well as about what we wear and why. We are well-trained, enthousiastic seakayakers who want to be out there. We possess the ability to let others enjoy our experience through our camera and stories. People can learn from us and ultimately we hope they will put our experience to work for themselves in future."

Expedition updates on http://dutchseakayakers.blogspot.co.uk/