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Kialoa Makai SUP Paddle

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We understand that the most brutal paddling environment often isn't class 5 whitewater, or double overhead Makaha, but more often it is the family summer lake cabin or a resort beach rental business, where gear will live in the salt and sun for days or weeks on end. Durable and built to last, designer Dave Chun states, “The Makai is the toughest, best performing SUP paddle, in the ‘give me all you got’ category."  We've combined performance and affordability in this adjustable paddle to meet the needs of recreational paddlers everywhere.


Durable Utility Palm Grip that orients the paddle in your hand
16" of "on the fly" LeverLock® adjustment  (70" - 86")
Round impact resistant shaft
Durable injection molded blades
ABS Palm Grip
Textured Fiberglass shaft
Nylon reinforced Fiberglass blade
Surface Area: 85 sq in
Blade Angle: 8 degrees
Blade Width: 8"
Blade Length: 15 1/2"
Adjustability: 70" - 86"
Weight: 32 oz