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Scotty 162 163 1½ " Ball Mounting System

Tabs Container


The newest edition to our ball mounting system is our 1 ½” ball mount.

The bigger ball design gives you a much greater clamping force for larger accessories while still having a smooth full range of motion.

Click and lock any Scotty post mount accessory into the Gear Head.

Designed for use with Scotty Baitcaster Spinning & Fly Rod Holders

Scotty 162 1½ " Ball Mounting System with GearHead Adapter, Post and Side/Deck Mount
Scotty 163 1½ " Ball Mounting System with Large Fish Finder Mnt, Post and Side/Deck Mount


Base Mount Dimensions: 2 ¼” x 2 ¼”

Mount Height Stands: 6.5” Tall