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TNP Rapa (707.0)

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The TNP Rapa is an excellent range of paddles which caters from beginner to intermediate paddlers. The TNP Rapa is available in 3 different shaft materials, so that means there should be a paddle in the range to suit your budget. The blade across the range is made of the same Nylon material.

All TNP Rapa paddles are set on a 45 degree feather.

The TNP Rapa is the lightest in its class and with 3 year shaft and manufacturing warranty.


1pc Lengths - 191cm RH45, 194cm RH45, 194cm LH45, 197cm RH45, 197cm LH45, 200cm RH45

4pc Lengths with Bag - 194cm RH/LH45, 197cm RH/LH45.

4pc Packraft Lengths - 200cm, 210cm, 220cm RH/LH45