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Andy Turton

Andy started kayaking when he was knee high to a newt and living in Yorkshire. The lure of the white waters over the Yorkshire hills and dales was just too much and he fast became totally involved in the kayak coaching scene. The choice of Bangor University as his seat of learning was due to the white water opportunities of North Wales.

Five continents and a multitude of river experiences has equipped him well. Andy has the reputation for providing safe, action packed and totally enjoyable river adventures.

"I have loved the sport since I was 5ish, I gain loads from teaching and leading people in the sport, I admire the outdoors and natural life. I like to have a laugh, get my hands dirty and to see people learn and have fun. The sport enables me to do this".

When not involved directly in kayaking Andrew works as a support worker and outdoor education instructor for children in crisis.

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