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Bartosz Czauderna

Season Sum Up 2017
Bartosz Czauderna

Results 2017:

5th K1SM, World Championships in Freestyle Kayaking, San Juan, Argentina
8th K1M, World Championships in Freestyle Kayaking, San Juan, Argentina
1st , Salt Kayak Festival, Salt, Spain
2nd, Polish Championships, Cracow, Poland
3rd General Euro Cup classification
3rd Prague Freestyle Fest – Euro Cup, Prague, Czech
1st Wildalpen Euro Cup, Wildalpen, Austria
7th Natural Games – Euro Cup, Millau, France

Media coverage:
Taking a part in numerous interviews on national and international level, event relations and often
being a speaker or as a judge. Being official announcer
both on-site and for livestreams for World Championships in Freestyle Kayaking 

Articles in top 3 biggest printed newspapers with interviews 

-Men’s Health

Facebook channel
Facebook professional profile with 1354 fans 

"Wiosło" outdoor kayaking magazine
Publishing included: Uganda (2 pages),
How to Freestyle Kayak School (4 pages), Playspots (2 pages). Together giving 8... printed pages.

According to the readers and publisher the series
How to Freestyle and Playspots are one of most attractive parts.

Results 2018

2018 vice European Champion in K1M