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Marlène Devillez

Today, I ‘m an hydrogeologic engineer in a office study in Paris. It’s hard

to combine my job and the trainings but I’m doing all I can to continue

to forge ahead and to make a success of my professionnal career and

freestyle !


At the age of 16, I get my first bronze medal at the French championship of slalom,

and continue the next year!

Bit by bit I went up the national rank and reached when I was 19, the elite : the

national team 1, but my heart was miles away !

Meanwhile, I discovered a new discipline : freestyle, with an awesome

atmosphere but above all staggering sensations !

Slide, acrobatics, explosivity, fun ; everything pleased me and I decided to focus on

this discipline !

When I started freestyle, it was at first for the atmosphere because I felt like I was

part of a big family where everyone is close and where the pleasure to navigate all

together surpasses the competition.

So, I quickly found my place, letting the pleasure to navigate gains ground again...

The pleasure to do freestyle did its job : 8 times champion of France, and triple

champion of Europe in 2010, 2012 and 2014 !

Today, I train the young people of my boat club and I’m president of the freestyle

committee of Franche-Comté, and I hope I’ll make things progress for my discipline !