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Nick Beavis

I’m a freestyle kayaker from Nottingham, committed to becoming the best I can be, looking to push the sport of freestyle along the way, generating the highest quality media I can to hopefully inspire others whilst I do it. I travel at least 6 months of the year to the best places in the world to train and compete and the remaining time I spend in Nottingham, probably the best location to train for holes.

In 2018,  I spent 7.5 months travelling in Uganda, Eastern Canada for spring Stakeout, France and Spain for European competitions including the ICF World Cups, and the Ottawa Valley and Montreal for summer. In 2019, I hope to spend time on the Slave river in the Northern Territories and Dream Wave in Manitoba (both Canada).

Some of my best competitive achievements: 8th place at the freestyle stage of Nile River Festival 2018, 8th at Grande Riverere Defi 2017 (a big wave competition in northern Quebec during stakeout), 5th in the boater-x at Montreal Eau Vive and 9th overall, and 7th in Stage 4 Mass Start Race of Unleashed in Uganda.

Media wise, I regularly update my Instagram page (nick.beavis) and am growing my followers all the time. I create a number of high quality edits on my YouTube channel (YouTube.com/nickbeavis) throughout the year to both inspire and thank my sponsors and supporters (my stakeout edit received 16 shares and 2.6k views on Facebook), and I have a blog www.thefreestylelaboratory.com.


Photography c/o Dave Wortley