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Sam Ellis

Awesome whitewater kayaker, surf kayaker and dedicated family man, UK- based Sam takes on challenges around the world.

He has paddled the Stikine, and the beautiful unspoilt waters of Norway and Iceland.  He took part in the first successful descent of China's second largest river, The Yellow River, and one of its tributaries; the Qiemu QU,  which drains one of its sacred peaks. Just add in first descents in his homeland of Yorkshire Dales in Northern England and some sick surf on the UK East coast for that freestyle air!!

Sam says;

  • "Kayaking is my life, with the love and support from my family."
  • [About kayaking from home] "It’s Yorkshire, it rains, we rally, sometimes cross the port of entry to Cumbria, throw some shapes, get back, hit the sack, get up early and go to work because we’re not students!"