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Seppi Strohmeier

I guess I owe it to my Dad that, more than twenty years ago, he put me into this wobbly kayak, despite all the fear I had. But once the fear was overcome, I began to enjoy moving this odd boat around in splashing water. The enjoyment became passion. And it is still what drives me on today, to go out and play on the river, over and over again.


For some ten years of my kayaking life, I’ve been following the freestyle circuit, taking part in numerous competitions and achieving some top podium positions in national and international events. Recently, though, I’ve shifted my focus towards a different way of paddling. I’ve fallen in love with using my kayak as a means for travelling multiple days on whitewater to get to remote places, sometimes hardly accessible other than by boat. Only in the last year I’ve fulfilled a long dream of paddling some amazing rivers like the Humla Karnali (Nepal), Homathko River and the Grand Canyon of the Stikine (Canada). But there are so many more stunning places out there and the wish list is still long. Counting the days to the next trip…